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In October 2014 I was heading towards starting a 3D printing business for hobbyists when I got a full time job in November 2014.




I am still involved with helping my friend Brian Jackson (see below) but am not actively looking for 3D printing work for others now.


Jackson Standard

Should you want to go full injection molded plastic Jackson Standard http://jacksonstandard.com that has the latest CNC mill to make injected plastic molds.




About me:

I am an avid model railroader for truly my whole life. I have been in S Scale since 1987. Less products are commercially available so I am used to making things I want for my own use. Learning Solidworks was the beginning of a new “life” and how I did my modeling forever. The RP technology and my modeling meet at my constant interest in how things are made. I have been married since 2002. We have 4 Dachshunds that are the center of our world.



Bill Lane


Email: Bill@3dModelTech.com


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